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"Welcome to
22 Nama - Karoo!"

Koekenaap lies adjacent to Lutzville about 340km from Cape Town.  Dating back to 1928 when farmers settled here on the banks of the Olifants River, this town offers the visitor more than meets the eye.  22 Nama-Karoo is the ideal Bed and Breakfast if you are seeking peace, serenity and tranquillity.  A destination that will soothe your inner spirit & soul, refresh your mind and revitalise your body, to return back to the hectic modern living within the cities.  You can take a peaceful stroll along the beaches or enjoy a good Lutzville wine of your choice under the stars after dinner or even arrange for cooking classes with Douglas your host who is a qualified Chef and sample your cooking at lunch or dinner with a good local wine, the opportunities are endless.  Why not explore the untouched territory of Koekenaap and its hidden treasures and be able to share the experience with your friends and families.

Different theories exist on how this town got its peculiar name.  One is that the name, Koekenaap, was derived from a Khoi (indigenous people) word expression that means where the ram fell.  The second theory is that the name is a misinterpretation from a German remark.  Apparently two travelling German missionaries went with a Khoi-guide and stood on a hill to admire the lovely green valley.  One said to the other "Guck hinab - daaronder" in Afrikaans or look down there.  The guide accepted that this expression was the name of the place.

As in the neighbouring Lutzville, the economy of Koekenaap is based on farming produce such as tomatoes, grapes, gem squashes, potatoes and sheep.

South African summer season is during (November to February) and starts becoming cooler from the month of May.  Winter occurs during the months from May - August and is generally cool with an average temperature of 20 degrees.  The Summers are generally warm and dry, with a relatively comfortable average temperature of 29 degrees, but extreme heat waves can be experienced due to the Easterly wind.  Koekenaap is a few degrees centigrade cooler than most surrounding areas. 

The nearest coast line is approximately 25 minutes away thus bringing in the cooler Atlantic sea breeze.  22 Nama - Karoo is situated close to the Olifants River  which serves as a base from where visitors can take trips to Namaqualand, the West Coast and Cederberg Mountains or a stopover between Cape Town and Namibia. 

The vast, unspoilt and at times desolate coastal beauty offers culinary experiences such as mouth watering crayfish in season, fat juicy mussels or line-fish pulled from the cold waters of the Benguela Current.  Crayfish diving season is from November  - April and permits need to be purchased from an local Post Office.

This region can be a harsh and stony land, but in early Spring, depending on the preceding winters rainfall, Mother Nature welcomes her visitors with a multi-coloured wildflower carpet, that metamorphoses the sun baked semi-desert with its' sandy plains and sandstone mountains into a brilliant kaleidoscope of beauty.  Thus offering excellent flower viewing.  Fields of daisies - 'vygies' and other unique wild flowers is a contrast with the arid expanses of Namaqualand and the blue of the Atlantic Ocean.
The coastal region area is an absolute bird watcher's haven and offers a variety of birds such as seabirds, travelling waders and birds of prey.  Dolphins are often spotted in the cold water while whales can be regularly seen in the many small bays, seeking shelter on their migratory journey from July to September.  The beaches in the area are still pristine white, with few visitors around.  You can take a stroll along the beach or you can simply sit and watch the glorious sunsets while savouring the selection of treats packed in your picnic baskets.
Apart from the obvious sea diving and fishing, the area also offers numerous historical and Eco-attractions.  Enjoy your stay in the diverse, unspoiled beauty of these regions.  Our area boasts contrast and beauty, not to mention the friendly people, where the visitors can expect not only professional service, but the old world charm and hospitality for which the Olifantsriver is so well known for.
There are also numerous very small boutique cellars on the Olifants River Vodacom wine route, where visitors are heartily welcomed and can hunt around for wines of their choice. Some already well known, some waiting to be discovered...